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ENG 1023, Texas Woman's University (Fall 2012)


Hello, and welcome! My name is Dr. Dundee Lackey. I am the instructor for the following sections of ENG 1023:

  • ENG 1023.04 (meets in ASB 105, T/Th 9:30-10:50)
  • ENG 1023.03 (meets in CFO 101, T/T 11-12:20)
  • ENG 1023.07 (meet in CFO 105, T/Th 1-2:20)

In these sections of ENG 1023, you will deepen your research, reading, and writing skills while exploring gender roles and women’s history.While this theme and our shared readings give us a focal topic, the real subject of the class is writing and improving the critical thinking and information literacy skills that will enable you to research, read and write more effectively.

This semester, you will write: 1) a rhetorical analysis of the media item of your choice, analyzing how it depicts gender; 2) a research portfolio (consisting of a proposal, an annotated bibliography, and a review of literature) on the unsung heroine of your choice; and 3) an article for a class-authored website, using your research to teach others about the women we’ve researched. As an inspirational introduction to our final project, we’ll take a field trip to the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Ft. Worth.

The required texts for this course are Gender Roles: A Cross-Cultural Perspective, and The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing (which you should have from earlier courses in the Composition sequence). We will also read some selections from The Craft of Research (available electronically through the TWU library). Other readings will come from freely available internet sources. We’ll spend most of our time in portfolio 1 reading from Gender Roles, to practice the kinds of close, critical reading I’ll expect of you as you move into your research portfolios. During those later projects, you’ll be doing your own research and reading (mostly) sources you locate; we’ll then turn our attention to selections from the two handbooks, which should help you develop various aspects of your work.

This website is intended to help you succeed in ENG 1023. Take some time to familiarize yourself with it.

  • Read the syllabus.
  • The resources page will link you to information that will help you with your blogging, your research and writing projects, and college life generally. You will also find there links to each assignment sheet (as they are released), as well as to resources specific to that assignment. You can return to the front, or “home” page, of our WordPress site at any time by clicking the image in the top left corner.
  • Check out the class plans page to see what readings and homework  you should have done for the next class, and to see what we’ll do in that day’s class.  If you are ever absent, be sure to check the plans page to see what you missed! (Please note: The class plans page will look and act a little differently than this one. It is built on a wiki platform, which facilitates adding things on the fly. You can easily, though, move back and forth from that page to these, built on WordPress, by using the links you’ll find in the margins. Both of the wiki and the WordPress pages will be linked to from Blackboard; HOWEVER, if you post a reply to threads on these pages, or anyplace OTHER than the Blackboard discussion forum, which we may use, please remember that you are posting on a PUBLIC site. Don’t post any information you don’t want available on the world wide web!)
  • Each week, sometimes more frequently, I’ll add another post to this homepage, highlighting a task, topic, or resource of value in your work, so you’ll want to visit this page, and the class plans page, frequently, to stay on top of things.

I look forward to learning with you!


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  1. sarahbatch
    August 28, 2012

    I want to take this class!

    • drL
      August 28, 2012

      I wish you could! It would be a blast to have you, and I know we’d learn a lot from you!

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