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ENG 1023, Texas Woman's University (Fall 2012)

Before class on 9/13: explore and respond

 Before our meeting on Thursday, 9/13, you have a couple of readings to do (“Himba…” and “Anatomy of a Burmese Beauty Secret” , pages 26-39,Gender Roles…). I’ve also asked you to explore some “pinboards” on a site called Pinterest.

“Pinboards” are, essentially, digital bulletin boards to which people pin images from and links to websites.So, when you see an image that interests you, click on it for a larger view. Click again and you can explore the site it’s “pinned” from. Linked below are two I’d like us to focus on. (You are NOT expected to cover both, or everything on either one. They are just collections of items related to male and female gender roles/stereotypes that might be good “thinking food” as we progress. Explore at will!)

Choose from:

Pretty Is…  and/or Board of Man.

Once you’ve explored the Pinboard(s) some, come back here to post your response, using the “comment” feature below! Your tasks in this response are to: 1) Choose ONE thing from your exploration of that interested you, and tell the others about it. 2) suggest a link for the board(s) you explored. (I CAN add links to “Pretty is…”; it’s mine. The board of man is group curated by someone else–I’m not sure how you go about posting to that one, but I’d like to start a board on male stereotypes to go alongside “Pretty is…”.)

As you explore Pinterest, remember: I’ve pinned images to the board, but they lead to websites, many of which contain articles (on ideas, history, and more). When you find something of interest to you, don’t forget to click through to the original site and explore context there.

(You DO NOT have to join Pinterest; however, if you think it might be useful/fun to you, for school, work, or life, join! I don’t think invitations are required to join anymore, but if you find they are, email me, and I’ll send you one. And here, just in case, is “getting started” info for joining and using the site.)


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  1. Jessica Dockery
    September 13, 2012

    While looking through “Pretty Is…”, I was particularly interested by the article about the military moms breastfeeding in uniform. The fact that breastfeeding is such a touchy topic in general has always been very bothersome to me and I think these moms did the right thing by embracing it.

    I’d like to contribute a link to a blog entitled “What’s Up With All of the Recent “Size 8” Pride? (And What, Exactly, IS “Size 8,” Anyway?)”. You might also be interested to read through more of the blog and learn about the blogger. She completed a “mirror fast” earlier this year and I’ve found a lot of her posts very interesting.

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