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ENG 1023, Texas Woman's University (Fall 2012)

Before class on 11/27


1) Audience analysis prompt:

Over break, spend some time thinking about our audience. Who are they? How could you describe them? (you might googledemographics, audience, AND the title of whatever publication to read how specifically and thoroughly publications KNOW their audiences.) Write some notes describing them, and thinking through what that means they will want/expect from your text. Find an online publication that is somehow LIKE what you envision us creating, and include a link to it, and some thoughts on what lessons we might take from it for our publication. How should our articles look/sound/feel? What about the design of the thing? Post your thoughts on audience analysis and magazine style to the blog before class on 11/27.

2) Start working on a plan/outline/draft of your text!

Go through what you have already written, What research information do you want to bring forward from the annotated bib or review of lit? Where else have you written about the topic, and your thoughts and ideas on it (your reflections maybe? blog posts?) What else do you think readers will want from the article you are going to write on this topic now? Generate a messy first draft for use in class on Tuesday 11/27 (and bring it however you need to–from paper napkins to electronically).

(Also, don’t forget you have a short reading due in this class:  “The Big Four: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity”  )


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  1. rohithvarughese
    November 27, 2012

    Being that the subject of my article is Barbara Walters, I believe there are two types of people that would be considered my audience. First is definitely women. Walters was the first female co-anchor of a news program and one of the highest paid journalists today, two accomplishments that were not easily obtained. Second type would be those interested in news, broadcasting, and television personalities. This may seem broad and vague but seeing as how Barbara Walters is truely a household name, people passing through article and find her name will more than likely stop to take a look. I hope that my article will spark some interest into those who don’t know much about Walter’s struggles.

  2. Nitzia McElrath
    November 27, 2012

    Nitzia McElrath
    Audience Analysis
    November 27, 2012

    My audiences will be young girls old from poor country, single mother at different age and older women who want to change the life style to go back to school. This audience will be inspire students to read small articles about different women who left good inspiration in the past, present and future for women education.

    I Google some publication in the magazines and first attention was The Women’s Crusade – Title: Saving the World’s Women. They describe small information about women crusade in the 19th century and today about women education. This magazine got my attention of the beautiful pictures colorful with the two young daughters (Javari) and the mother seated in the old bed and the expression of the face look unhappy and bored. The font letter of New York Time Magazine is very recognize magazines and bold to catch my eyes attention. Next, they have an advertisement (Tonight we Tanqueray), they have this advertisement Tanqueray, because they get paid for publishing the product and they know who to catch the attention when people read the New York Time Magazine. Before the title they have small pink writing of (special issues), and the title next: Saving the World’s Women is different style of font and capital the “S”, “W” and Women is very black highlight bold. After the title, they small pink question writing of How changing the lives of women and girls in the developing world can change everything.

    I learned how magazine have different style and size of writing and the color to visually better information. The content styles have small information of each woman from different country and inspire the audience to read more because is not boring and very true full story about women education. They have some questions and answers in the content to make your mind more wonder about the women interview and the metaphor was very expressive from the author. They have a video for “Women’s Work Voices from the Developing World”. Today, women hope to change the poor country in the old fashion way of thinking to return to school is to encourage the women more to speak out the story.

  3. Ricardo Vargas
    November 28, 2012

    The audience that I am targeting for my final portfolio will be college aged students. What I want to inform the audience is what female officers go through the harassment, having their authority under minded, unequal pay, working undercover and barriers female officers face when trying to advance in the police force. Female officers have gone through so much and I want to be able to inform the audience so the advancement of equal rights in the police force to occur. It is a male biased work environment and with the support of groups to encourage women to join the police force and to encourage the advancement of current female officers. The link below is how I want to make my portfolio 3 to look like and the reason is because the articles catch my attention and I read them a lot.

  4. Quaticya J
    November 29, 2012

    Quaticya J. T/TH 11-12:20

    For Portfolio 3 I will incorporate multiple of pictures. Because of the person I chose, Eddie Bernice Johnson, it will be hard to gasp attention from the audience I want. Therefore I will design my webpage like a zine, which is similar to a magazine but have multiple of photos, scattered wordings, and just things that makes history look interesting. I plan to include all my work cites and also I am now trying to come up with a catching title. Pictures are the most important parts of my portfolio, and just so you all can have an idea what I plan on my webpage looking like here is a link.

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