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ENG 1023, Texas Woman's University (Fall 2012)

Blog Design Poll/Note on Blog Posting


I have NOT forgotten about setting up the blog to which you will post your final projects, nor about sending out invites that allow you access to it, but have run into a problem.

I tried to set up Business Casual (the winning name) yesterday, but got an error message in the process. I have no idea why, but repeated attempts (with that name, or any other) result in the same error. I’ve written WordPress for help addressing this, and am waiting to hear back from them. Meantime, work on your drafts using the “just for play/learning” blog address YOU set up last week. When I get ours up, you’ll edit your existing post on your blog and cut and paste it over to OUR blog.

Meantime, you need to help me pick the look of the site. Below is a poll with your suggested themes on it. (To look at these as you consider your vote, open a new tab, then: log into wordpress. Navigate to your dashboard. Click on appearance, then themes, then type in the name of the given theme to check it out. When you find the ONE you like best, vote! And feel free to comment below lobbying for your choice!)

Remember: tomorrow we’ll work on the concept of ethical use of sources/resources, and Thursday you’ll have a chance to get some peer feedback on drafts of your webzine article AND your reflective overview, so be preparing for that draft workshop!



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