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ENG 1023, Texas Woman's University (Fall 2012)

Our Last Class (Plan)

Questions for you:

  • In our syllabus, I had 10% of your final course grade going towards a presentation, to be done at the end of the term; however, we wound up not doing that (because I gave you more time on the second portfolio than I originally intended to, so we just didn’t have time for these presentations, too.) SO: do you want that 10% of your grade to go towards the participation grade (increasing that to 20% of the course grade) OR towards the final portfolio (increasing that to 40% of the course grade–which seems like to much to me) OR should we split it between the final portfolio and participation?
    • We’ve chosen to put that towards awarding the participation/homework stuff you’ve done all term. 
  • For our website: I am going to build a static front page, which will have an image related to each article, your title, and your byline. do you want to use images of each author, OR something related to the topic of the article? (Note: You’ll need to include your title, and this image, when emailing me your final project.) 

Site Title/Design:

OK: the voting continued long enough that we have a new winner for the publication name: The Truth Served Cold. That address was taken, but I got a variation on it: The “winning” theme was Bueno (which I modified to red and black, rather than pink and black, to reflect our school colors.)

How do you post to OUR site (NOT the blog you set up to learn on)?

I sent out blog invitations, required for you to be an author on The Truth Served Cold. If you didn’t receive one, I either couldn’t read your email address, OR didn’t know what email address you used to join (so if you haven’t yet given me the address you used for, send me that now, please.) Once you get the email (which will come through the WordPress system, not from my TWU address) you should have a link to follow to accept, and then you’ll see two blogs appear in your “my blogs” stream (which you can access by logging in to, then mousing over the W in the top left corner, and choosing “my blogs”.) You should be able to easily maneuver from YOUR “play/learning” blog to OURS, where you will eventually post your article.

Because there seems to be some confusion:

  • What do I have to make?

    • You have to write an article for an online magazine, that uses your research (from portfolio 2) and makes an argument.
    • You do not HAVE to make a video (or a slideshow, or a timeline, or….) anything other thing like that, but you CAN include those as an element in your article (or can even use such a thing for almost all of the article.) Remember, online magazines these days have all kinds of content in them. Some are more “alphabetic”/purely textual, but others ARE videos (or include multimodal elements like that). You MUST include the visual somehow (but this could just mean including pictures.) You must think about how to make use of this being published online (NOT just on paper)–but this could just mean using hyperlinks. You choose what you think is appropriate for our audience (college students), y/our purpose, and the genre (online magazine) we are writing in. The article will be worth about 40% of the final portfolio grade.
  • The final reflection: 

    • Once you’ve made choices about what you’ll write, and how, you’ll want to explain your choices,rhetorically, in your reflection. Your reflection should ALSO include an exploration of what you’ve learned this term (use the course learning goals to help with this), HOW you learned, how those skills might transfer to other tasks in your school/work/personal lives, and what skills you think you need to continue building as reader/writer/researcher/student + how you plan to do so.  This reflection will be worth about 60% of the final portfolio grade.
  • THERE IS NO FINAL EXAM. That’s just the deadline for handing in your final portfolio. Here’s how you’ll do that:

    • During the exam period, you will finalize posting your article to our site ( and then email me: Include a link to the article, your title for that article, and a picture I can use on the index page. Attach to this email your reflective overview.  

Final Reflection Workshop:

You need to do two kinds of thinking in the reflection for portfolio 3. 

  •  What did you learn (about reading, writing, research) this term, and how? (Use the learning goals from the syllabus to help start this. The idea here is that the more you can “learn how you learn” the more you can help yourself do so in future.) Questions you might consider: How might these (reading, writing, research, study, technology) skills benefit you in other classes? In your work, and future career? In your personal life? What skills do you think you need to continue working on? How will you do that? What grade would you give yourself this term, and WHY (be specific)? What grade would you give yourself on the final online magazine article, and why?
  • Justify your work on the final project, rhetorically: What choices did you have to make in writing (and laying out/designing multimodal elements for) the online magazine article, and why/how are these appropriate for your audience, purpose, and genre/context? (Questions you might consider:  What was your purpose/argument, and why/how is this appropriate for our audience–college students–and our publication–an online magazine? why did you use the pictures you did? Why did you organize things as you did? How/why did you use evidence? Those are not ALL the things you might consider–just some things to get you started. What other questions would you all add to help interrogate and explain how your choices suit audience, purpose, and form/genre/context?)

Peer Evaluation Workshop:

  • Share your draft with somebody. Can they tell what your argument is? Is it well supported? Are you using sources (and resources, like images, sounds, etc.) ethically?
  • Here is a draft of the evaluation rubric I will use. What grade would you give them, as things stand now? 
I'm going to miss you all. Thanks for making my first semester at TWU such a joyful one.

I’m going to miss you all. Thanks for making my first semester at TWU such a joyful one.



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