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ENG 1023, Texas Woman's University (Fall 2012)

Class Plans

Our course syllabus does not provide complete information on day-to-day plans, such as reading and homework assignments. For the “day to day” part of things—class plans, reading assignments, homework, writing project handouts, and more–you’ll need to check this class plans/homework page frequently.

Class Date  To Do Before Class In-class 
Tu 8/28  Squeeze that last little drop out of summer…. 😉 1. Discuss course/syllabus.2. Introductions (Three Questions -> Round Robin).3. Time permitting, we’ll spend some time working on your Blackboard introductory activity, too, and maybe even start collecting “found arguments” for use in Thursday’s class.)4. Distribute readings for Thursday.
Th 8/30  Before class:

  • Read “The Role of Women in the Ideal Society” (Plato) + “I Thank Thee, Lord, That Thou Hast Not Created Me a Woman” (Mary Daly)–these were handed out in class on Tuesday.
  • Read syllabus. Explore class website(s).
  • Post intro to Blackboard discussion board.
  • Choose one “text” (an advertisement, song, video, tshirt, website, bumper sticker, Facebook meme, etc. etc. etc.) that you think makes an argument about women today. Bring it to class. (If it’s digital, bring a link!)

Something to remember as we move forward: You ALWAYS need access to readings in class. If they are digital, you can pull them up using the lab computers, BUT if you print and read offline (a good idea: we read more quickly and retain information better when read off paper than on screen, AND you can make notes), bring those print outs!

intro to rhetorical triangle/rhetorical reading. discussion of readings. discussion of media items. time permitting: view Killing us Softly 3.(As we work today, I’m going to send around a sign up sheet for discussion facilitation, and a survey re. the field trip.)(Note: What I’ve provided above is an overview of the day’s class plan. Most dates there will also be a more detailed plan, including links, discussion questions, activities, resources….  Click on the class date, at left, to access that.)
Tu 9/4  Read “The King Herself” (2-13, Gender Roles…) + “Rhetorical Analysis” (online). Bring your media items (or another, if you like) to today’s class, when I’ll distribute the project 1/portfolio 1 assignment. I hope we’ll have some class time for you to begin searching for the thing you want to analyze in your paper, and maybe even some brainstorming and writing down ideas.DISCUSSION FACILITATIONS (<– click that for dates and details) start today. If you are facilitating for today, 9/4, don’t forget to email me by Monday, 9/3 at 8 a.m. (That due date will hold true for each facilitation date. Don’t forget yours! This is an easy process to succeed in, and accounts for 10% of your final course grade. Make sure that 10% isn’t a 0!) Distributing project 1/portfolio 1 assignment. Discussion of readings. Watch Killing us Softly 3.
Th 9/6  Respond to new post on blog re. Jean Kilbourne. Read “Cholitas Fight Back” (14-25, Gender Roles…)  + skim Ch. 13 (“Cueing the Reader”, 14 (“Narrating”) and 15 (“Describing”) from The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing. (To do what I have planned, you’ll have to have the media items you’ve chosen to work on with you, and your Gender Roles text, too.) Discussion of reading. Exploring project 1/portfolio 1. In-class workshop: writing a description of the item(s) chosen for analysis in your first project and/or brainstorming notes rhetorically reading that text. (You should continue work on this outside of class, too….)
Tu 9/11  If you haven’t already done so, respond to the post on our blog re. Jean Kilbourne. Read Ch. 19 (“Arguing”) and 20 (“Analyzing Visuals”) from The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing. + “Organizing your Analysis”(online). (We’ll have a writing workshop in class. Bring what you need to work.)(Facilitators: focus on developing questions that will help your colleagues USE the information from the St. Martin’s Guide to work on their rhetorical analysis essay.) Discussion/Small Groups Activity: Analyzing visuals.Writing workshop. Bring what you need to work.
Th 9/13  Read “Himba…” and “Anatomy of a Burmese Beauty Secret” (26-39,Gender Roles…) + explore Pinboard: Pretty Is…  AND/OR Pinboard: Board of Man. Before today’s class: post a response to our blog. Your tasks in this response are to: 1) Choose ONE thing from your exploration of the Pinboard that interested you, and tell the others about it. 2) suggest a link for the pinboard you explored! (I CAN add links to “Pretty is…”; it’s mine. The board of man is group curated by someone else–I’m not sure how you go about posting to that one. I’d like, though, to start a “male” board, for things like this!)As you explore Pinterest, remember: I’ve pinned images to the board, but they lead to websites, many of which contain articles (on ideas, history, and more). When you find something of interest to you, don’t forget to click through to the original site and explore context there.NOTE: You DO NOT have to join Pinterest; however, if you think it might be useful/fun to you, for school, work, or life, join! I don’t think invitations are required to join anymore, but if you find they are, email me, and I’ll send you one. And here, just in case, is “getting started” info for joining and using the site.Facilitators’ note: focus the required summary and discussion questions on the readings from Gender Roles. It would be unwieldy to summarize the whole Pinboard. Discussion of Readings; Practicing Rhetorical Analysis
Tu 9/18  Explore samples of rhetorical analysis (below) + read“Writing a Critical or Rhetorical Analysis”

Facilitator’s note: If you are helping with readings today, consider questions: 1) that will help others see how to write the rhetorical analysis, 2) help clarify still-existing points of confusion; 3) help us consider how we would GRADE these analyses.

Exploring samples of rhetorical analysis essays. Developing evaluation rubric. Citation exercise
Th 9/20 Read “The Turkish Republic Comes of Age” + “Women of Saudi Arabia” (40-49 and 60-71, Gender Roles…)Before class Thursday: Post to the blog. Tell us what questions/problems you are having with the project, and share a draft of your introduction, including your thesis statement. (Remember, the thesis statement can be more than one sentence.) Discussion of Readings + reviewing thesis statement
Tu 9/25 Read “Reflective Writing and the Revision Process: What Were you Thinking?” (online)Facilitators: consider writing questions that will serve as prompts, helping you and your colleagues draft your reflections. Reflective Overview workshop
Th 9/27   No readings due today. If you are scheduled for discussion facilitation on this date, you can either join a group going next week, OR help develop peer review questions for use in today’s workshop. (If you choose to help with peer review, email me by about 8 a.m. on 9/26, and tell me 1) what are your previous experiences with in-class peer review? What worked? What didn’t? What kind of feedback did you get? 2) What questions would you like readers to consider as they read your, or your classmate’s, draft?) Revision workshop: Writing Project 1 (bring a complete draft–electronically– of your rhetorical analysis to share! If you have some of your reflection done, feel free to bring that, too.)
Tu 10/2 Today, we will meet in the library Reference Training Room (RTR) to get an introduction to some of the tools you will need as we work on portfolio 2.I’ll give you the portfolio 2 assignment sheet when we come back together, but basically, you need to choose a person or event important in women’s history–something you think folks today should know about/know more about. You’ll research this person/topic, and write an annotated bibliography (basically, a citation and detailed notes on/analysis of each source). Then you’ll use the annotated bibliography to draft a review of literature on this person. (For portfolio 3, you will revise this article, shifting audience and genre, and add some multimodal elements. We’ll then publish everybody’s work online, creating a webzine to teach others what you’ve learned!)The ENG 1023 subject guide the library created for you is located at There is lots of good information here on locating and evaluating sources. Portfolio 1 due (electronically, to Blackboard dropbox).Pushed to Thursday. (You are welcome. Make good use of the time.)
Th 10/4 Read “Necessary Angels” + “Women at Work” (50-59 and 72-85, Gender Roles…) , explore “Women Come to the Front” and TWU Library Collection “Women Airforce Service Pilots” . Portfolio 1 due (electronically, to Blackboard dropbox).In class: Exploring portfolio 2. using readings for exploration of portfolio 2 research tasks. Small group activity: brainstorming re. women you might write about, exploratory research.
Fr 10/5 Field trip to National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame(Ft. Worth).We are booked for a 10 a.m. tour. Meet the bus by 8:45 am in the parking lot behind the TWU library. Feel free to pack breakfast and/or lunch to eat on the ride! (and you might want to bring a camera. It looks like there are some cool photo ops, like at the status below….) The tour takes about 1.5 hours. We should be back, I would think, 1ish.
Tu 10/9   Read Ch. 23 (St Martin’s Guide): “Library and Internet Research” (728-54)CLASS CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS. Work on your proposal (due today) and read for Thursday as scheduled. Research proposal (posted as a response to the blog) due by the end of the day today.In-class: research time, working on building the working bibliography (a list of citations for sources you might use in the paper).
Th 10/11  read Ch. 24 (“Using Sources”) from St. Martin’s Guide. Discussion of Ch 23 & 24. Locating & evaluating sources. Generating an initial working bib.
Tu 10/16  read Ch. 25 (“Annotated Bibliographies & Literature Reviews”) from The St. Martin’s Guide… + “Annotated Bibliographies” (Purdue OWL) and “How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography” (Cornell University Library).Facilitators: focus your response on giving advice for created a good annotated bib. Include a sample of an annotated bib. (google–they’re out there.)Working bib due to blog by class time today. (Just cut and paste it in. This should contain just MLA citations of sources, in alphabetical order, you MIGHT use in your paper. Choose good ones! And remember, some of these might not make the final cut. That’s okay. You need each of your sources to play a distinct role in the collection, so try for different types of publications, for different audience, with different perspectives on the issue, covering different aspects of the topic….) Working bib due to blog by class time today.In class: Responding to proposals. Discussion of annotated bibs. Worksheet: quoting/paraphrasing (You will submit this for a grade, so if you missed today, make sure to do this and email it to me!) Research time.
Th 10/18 Finish the worksheet from the last class and either email me OR print and bring JUST your answers to the questions. Read “A Day Without Feminism” (online).Write an annotation of this piece, and post it to the blog before class today.Facilitators: concentrate on: 1) writing a good citation for and summary of the reading; 2) asking questions about the annotated bibliography assignment; and 3) locating sources or samples either related to this reading OR that you think would help others do good citations and/or annotations. Using reading to practice annotation (summary, assessment, and reflection). Research workshop time.
Tu 10/23   read “The Literature Review: A Few Tips on Conducting It” + “Learn How to Write a Review of Literature” AND sample reviews of literature: “The Glass Ceiling” (Pyskoty, student author) and “Women who Perpetrate Intimate Partner Violence: A Review of the Literature with Recommendations for Treatment”(Carney, professional author)Facilitators: do NOT try to summarize the reviews of lit. Focus on writing a good summary of any ONE of the “how to” readings + questions you/others might need clarification on and/or questions that will help us discuss and learn from these readings. Include any other resources you think might help you and your classmates do this work. Workshop: the review of literature.
Th 10/25  TBD: CONFERENCES. Bring at least some of the annotated bib and review of lit with you today.We will continue work on the concept of the review of lit. If you are facilitating on this date, work with the readings from 10/23. Considering evaluation criteria for portfolio 2. Research workshop. (I will circulate during this time to “mini conference” with each of you, or at least as many as humanly possible.)
Tu 10/30NO CLASS MEETING.  TBD: CONFERENCES. Bring at least some of the annotated bib and review of lit with you todayI have just discovered a conflict. I am on the Federation Rhetoric Symposium committee. Our primary responsibility is to attend an annual conference, and I’ve just found out this year it is on 10/30 and 10/31 in Commerce. Because of this, I can’t do conferences as/when planned, so I’m reshaping things a bit. We will NOT meet on 10/30. We will hold conferences as you move from PF 2 to PF3. This means you REALLY SHOULD make use of office hours for any additional help you might need (…but that’s always the case.)
Th 11/1 Read: “Practical Advice for Writers and Teachers” (Cathleen Breidenbach). BRING (electronically) DRAFTS OF ANNOTATED BIB/REVIEW OF LIT FOR A REVISION WORKSHOP. (Please note: I will be out of town. Ms. Ford will be assisting you today.) revision workshop. You will need a complete draft of the annotated bib AND the review of lit by this date.
Tu 11/6  No readings due. Bring your drafts and whatever else you need to work.  We will discuss revision strategies, evaluation criteria, and work on the reflective overview.
Th 11/8  As of today (10/26) I don’t think you guys are going to be ready for this due date. I am, then, changing the portfolio 2 due date to 11/13. On 11/8, we will have a second round of peer review. BRING (electronically) a more developed draft of the annotated bib AND the review of lit. Portfolio 2 due (electronically, to Blackboard dropbox) before class today. In class: exploring portfolio 3.Revision workshop 2
Tu 11/13  Round 2 peer review. Bring annotated bib and review of lit (electronically).
Th 11/15  no class meeting. Work on your reflective overview and/or revising your other portfolio 2 documents (the annotated bib and the review of lit). For the reflection: what tasks have you been working on over this portfolio cycle? (different ways of reading? finding sources? evaluating them? summarizing? building an argument/choosing evidence? what else?) Portfolio 2 due (electronically, to Blackboard dropbox) before 8 AM MONDAY. (You MAY hand this in early if you wish, but I have pushed the due date back again as I want to ensure that you have time to make use of comments on pf1 in revising this.)
Tu 11/20 no readings due Exploring portfolio 3 assignment.Exploring genre analysis; considering audience. consider what “online magazines” and/or “online journalism” look like.Genre Samples:

Th 11/22 Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s some stuff to accomplish before we come back to class on Tuesday:1) Audience analysis prompt:Over break, spend some time thinking about our audience. Who are they? How could you describe them? (you might googledemographics, audience, AND the title of whatever publication to read how specifically and thoroughly publications KNOW their audiences.) Write some notes describing them, and thinking through what that means they will want/expect from your text. Find an online publication that is somehow LIKE what you envision us creating, and include a link to it, and some thoughts on what lessons we might take from it for our publication. How should our articles look/sound/feel? What about the design of the thing? Post your thoughts on audience analysis and magazine style to the blog before class on 11/27.2) Start working on a plan/outline/draft of your text!Go through what you have already written, What research information do you want to bring forward from the annotated bib or review of lit? Where else have you written about the topic, and your thoughts and ideas on it (your reflections maybe? blog posts?) What else do you think readers will want from the article you are going to write on this topic now? Generate a messy first draft for use in class on Tuesday 11/27 (and bring it however you need to–from paper napkins to electronically). Homework over break: audience analysis, messy first draft of text (build on your
Tu 11/27 READ “The Big Four: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity”  (on design)Make sure you’ve done the blog post due today(see details above!)BRING a first draft of text (just so you have something to work with as we play with design and publication tools…. You should be able to accomplish this through use of your review of lit and a bit of brainstorming, but feel free to use some “placeholder” text, too! It’s a messy first draft–but you do have lots of writing to build this project on…) In class: Tech tools workshop: Using WordPress & Brainstorming what other tools you might need; considering the visual elements of your text
Th 11/29 Bring a rough draft of your text to share!Before class: If you haven’t already,be sure to post to the blog and let us know what you might want to build as part of your webzine article, why (how is this appropriate to your audience? How does it help fulfill your purpose?), and how (what tools will you need to use to accomplish this?) Sharing/discussion of drafts and developing text; “Building” workshop. Take the poll before you leave!
Tu 12/4 &Th 12/6 Tuesday: NO READINGS DUE. In-class activities:  Considering Citation (and the law–watch “A Fairy Use Tale,” “Grand Theft Audio,”    Resources: “old + old = new: a copyright manifesto for the digital world” | Creative Commons | “Bound By Law”.Thursday in class activities: the reflective overview (which this time should cover your learning in the class as a whole, not merely on this project, while also explaining your choices in this project rather carefully and critically….) + peer review workshop! Bring a draft! 

Your final portfolio will be turned in, electronically, by the end of your final exam period. See the assignment sheet for details….


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    where do you want us to write the evaluations for tomorrow? 9/18

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    What evaluations for tomorrow? We will evaluate the reading samples together in class. You have no writing due tomorrow (unless you are scheduled to facilitate, which was due by 8 am today).

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