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ENG 1023, Texas Woman's University (Fall 2012)


This page is always growing and changing. I’ll add useful tools as I find/make them (and I hope you’ll also share your finds so I can link them up for your colleagues!)

Advice on College Life and Learning:

Assignment Sheets:

Citation Guide:

  • You will find lots of citation guides online. There’s also one in the back of your St. Martin’s Guide to Writing. I particularly like this one– –because it has guides to all major academic citation systems (alongside research resources), and it’s always easily accessible.
  • TIP: avoid using citation generators. Sometimes you have to combine two or more patterns to cite a text appropriately. The generators do not all allow for this, NOR, in fact, do they even provide for all the different types of texts you might encounter. Finally, I have noticed some of them do not follow academic style well, and others are not kept up-to-date when the styles change. It’s best to learn to do this yourself. Then, if you choose to use a generator, you’ll know enough to notice when something is done incorrectly or incompletely.


Editing, Grammar, Punctuation:


Thinking about Fonts:

Places to Download Fonts:

How to Install Fonts on PC || on Mac


  • Apple I-Movie Support (’11)
  • Apple I-Movie ’09 Tutorial (pdf)
  • You’ll find lots more tutorials, both videos and text-based, by searching for Imovie ‘## (where  ‘## is the two digital year of your version. ’11 is the latest, I think.)

MovieMaker Live (Windows):

Movie Making: Alternatives to iMovie/MovieMaker Live

Alternatives to IMovie and MovieMaker (and there are LOTS more! Let us know if you find good ones, and I’ll add them to this list.)

Public Domain Image Sources:


Portfolio 1 Resources: On Doing a Rhetorical Analysis

Portfolio 2 Resources: 

Assignment Sheet/Rubric

Annotation, Annotated Bibliographies:

Evaluating Sources

Review of Literature, How to-s:

Review of Literature, Samples:

Portfolio 3 Resources:

Reflection Resources:

Research Resources, in no particular order:

TWU Resources:


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